In never sunset racing project there are no dotted lines to follow, nor clouds of icons on the map to hinder your desire for adventure. This game is all for you to race and explore.

Currently under development, the game will be available on pc later this year.

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Get a look at the vehicles you will be driving on the streets of Never Sunset City. From sportcars to trucks to cover all of your needs.

Untamed, uncontrollable, and unstoppable, this is the Mouton
Old school european sports-cars are represented by the Grandtour
The epitome of frenchness, the Bastille can deliver all the grandeur you might ask
The deMeo is a van. Simple, no-nonsense, and reliable
Need to move half a nation worth of stuff? The Wolf is your best choice
The Cali4nian, a rugged american pick-up truck to rule every road
Made for mines and around the globe, the Sweden will find its place even downtown